Roku Blinking White Light (Causes & Easy Fixes)

Roku Blinking White Light

Are you wondering why your Roku is blinking a white light?

A blinking white light on a Roku remote means that it is having a pairing issue if the light on the back is blinking, or is low battery if the light on the front is blinking.

Additionally, a blinking white light on a Roku streaming stick, Express, or Ultra can be caused by a few things including software error, outdated firmware, loose cables, Roku resolution not supported, or issues with the HDMI port.

Knowing which blinking white light you are dealing with will help you find the right solution. For the Roku remote, changing the batteries is the first thing you should try.

Restarting your Roku player should help resolve the issue; if not, try the other solutions mentioned below in this guide.

Key Points

  • A blinking white light has different meanings depending on whether it appears on a Roku player or a Roku remote.
  • On a remote, a blinking white light means it has a pairing issue (back light) or has low battery (front light).
  • On a Roku player, it means there is either outdated firmware, software error, loose cables or the resolution is not supported.
  • Restarting your devices, checking cables, trying connections with different TVs and running a factory reset are all potential solutions.

Causes Of A Flashing White Light On Roku Stick, Express, or Ultra

The Roku streaming player (Streambar, Express, Ultra) and Roku streaming stick all use their blinking white light to show a range of problems.

Here are the common causes:

  • Damaged or loose cable for Roku Ultra or Express only.
  • Malfunctioning Roku device.
  • The TV does not support the Roku resolution.
  • Issues with HDMI port or TV.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Software error.
  • Lost internet connection.

Causes Of a Blinking White Light on Roku Remote

There are two indicator lights on the Roku remote, one by the pairing button in the battery compartment and one on the front below the app buttons.

A flashing white light on the front of the remote indicates that the batteries are low, while a flashing white light inside the battery compartment means that the remote is having issues pairing with the Roku player.

Easy Fixes for A Blinking White Light on Roku

Below are the simple solutions that you can use to resolve a flashing white light on your Roku:

#1. Restart Your Roku Device

Normally, a simple restart can fix temporary network problems and minor software glitches. If your Roku display is working, follow the steps below to reset Roku:

  • On your Roku remote, press the home button.
  • From the menu, choose Settings.
  • Navigate to System.
  • Click on Power. (you can skip this step if your Roku does not have a Power menu).
  • Now click on System Restart.

It will take a few minutes for your Roku to restart. Once the process is finished, check if the blinking white light is gone. If not, try the next step.

#2. Check Your Cables and Connection

Now check the connection between your TV and the Roku as there could be an issue with the HDMI cable, HDMI port, or a loose connection. Begin by unplugging the Roku from your TV.

Check the HDMI cable for any physical damage if you have a Roku Express or Ultra. If there is internal damage in the HDMI cable, replace it with another one if you have one.

If you are using the Roku streaming stick, try connecting it without the small HDMI extension cable that comes with it. If the cable turns out to be the problem, you can replace it later.

Test the port by connecting your Roku to the TV using a different HDMI port. Ensure that your TV is set to the right input.

Additionally, you can connect a different HDMI device to the original HDMI port of your Roku to test whether the port is working at all.

It is cheap to replace HDMI cables, therefore, fixing a broken cable should not be much trouble. However, if the port is the issue, you should contact your TV manufacturer to fix it.

#3. Restart Your Router

Most WiFi issues do not come from your Roku streaming device but result from a communication issue between your router and your Roku.

Rather than trying to diagnose the problem, it is easy to restart your router.

Before proceeding, ensure that there is no one using the WiFi network as they will be interrupted during the process. Follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the power cable from your modem and router.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then reconnect the power cable.
  • Give the router and modem a few minutes to boot up.

If the blinking white light was caused by a network or internet connection issue, it should be removed.

#4. Change Roku Resolution

If restarting your router does not solve the issue, try changing your Roku’s resolution. There are several resolutions that Roku supports, and some are not compatible with older TV models.

If you have just purchased the Roku, especially a used model, your TV may not handle the level of resolution that it is set at.

Also, if you have moved the Roku from another TV, this issue can occur.

You will need to find a second TV and then follow the steps below:

  • Connect your Roku to a separate TV. Ensure that it can support up to 4K resolutions.
  • On your Roku remote, press the home button.
  • Choose Settings from the menu.
  • Navigate to Display type.
  • Set the Display type to Auto detect or choose a Display type that is compatible with your original TV.
  • Now plug your Roku into the original TV.

#5. Connect Directly with Modem

If you think the router is the cause of the blinking white light, try connecting your device directly to the modem using an ethernet cable.

If your Roku is the latest model, it will come with an ethernet port that you can use, but if you have an older model, use an ethernet adapter to connect the modem and your device.

After connecting the modem and the device, make sure that you change the Roku device settings to a wired connection.

Navigate to the network settings and find the connection option. Change it to wired from wireless.

#6. Update Roku Firmware

Here are the steps to update your Roku’s firmware:

  • Go to the Settings menu using the remote control.
  • Click on the System option.
  • Choose System Update.
  • Select the Check for Updates or Check Now option.

Now, Roku will check if there are any updates, and it will automatically install them. Switch it off and turn it back on and the blinking should stop.

#7. Replace Roku Remote Batteries

Since the modern Roku remote has an indicator on the front showing the battery strength, it will blink white if there is an issue with the batteries.

Getting new ones should solve the problem and the flashing white light should disappear.

#8. Re-Pair Roku Remote

Your remote will blink white if it is having issues pairing with your Roku device.

Here are the steps to solve it:

  • Disconnect all the cables from the Roku device.
  • Remove the batteries from your remote.
  • Now connect the power adapter cable to your Roku device.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the TV.
  • Put the batteries back into the remote.
  • The remote pairing screen should appear on your TV.
  • On the battery chamber, press the tactile button.
  • The process is finished when you see pairing complete on the screen.

#9. Factory Reset Your Roku

Before doing a factory reset, ensure that you have tried all the solutions mentioned above. Factory resetting your Roku will delete the app-specific and user-specific settings.

So, ensure that you have written down all the logins for your streaming apps and your Roku account information because you will need them after the factory reset.

There are two different ways to reset your Roku as explained below:

Steps for resetting your Roku using the remote:

  • On your remote, press the home button.
  • On the menu, click on Settings.
  • Head to System.
  • Choose Advanced system settings.
  • Click Factory Reset.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm.

Steps for manually resetting Roku:

  • Locate the RESET button on your Roku device which can either be a pinhole button or a full-sized button.
  • Ensure that your Roku is turned on.
  • Press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds until the light rapidly blinks. You will need a paperclip or needle if you are using a pinhole.

#10. Contact Roku Support

Roku support recommends Roku community forums and support pages for most issues. These pages only provide you with answers to configuration issues and will not put you in touch with the customer support team.

On the Roku support page, there is an agent support option which is only available for a limited variety of options.

If your device qualifies for a replacement and is under warranty, you can get in touch directly with Roku support. Additionally, you can contact Roku at 816-272-8106.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a flashing blue light on my Roku device instead of a white one?

If your Roku is blinking blue, it means that the USB connector has malfunctioned. All you need to do is replace the part and the blinking should stop.

What is the meaning of a blinking red light on a Roku device?

Your Roku device will show a blinking red light if it is not getting enough electric power. Check the power batteries or your electricity voltage.

How do you know that your Roku device has an issue?

Your Roku device will start blinking red or white light for some issues. Sometimes it does not blink at all if there is a hardware issue. If not checked on time, your device begins to heat up and can blow up eventually.

Final Words

Hopefully, you can now fix a blinking white light on your Roku device. If your device has some internal damage, you will need assistance from a technical expert to fix the issue.

If you are still having issues with your remote or player, consider upgrading or replacing them. However, if you cannot replace your device, consider buying a new one.

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