Telus Remote Codes (Programming Telus Slimline 2 Remote)

Telus Remote Codes

Before programming your Telus remote for your TV or amplifier, you need to enter the correct Telus remote codes for the process to be successful.

If you do not know the codes, you can check the user guide that came with your remote or find them here: Telus Remote Codes.

This guide will provide you with the steps for programming Telus Slimline, Slimline 2, and Classic remotes on your TV and other Telus devices.

Additionally, you will learn how to sync your TV and digital box so that they can be controlled at the same time by one remote.

If you are having any issues with the remote, you should check the battery life of the batteries and replace them if needed.

Also, ensure that there is a clear line of sight between the remote and your device. Check our other troubleshooting steps below.

Key Points

  • There are hundreds of Telus Remote Codes available. You need to sift through the manual to find the applicable code for your TV or amplifier.
  • Programming the remote to a device is straightforward. It typically involves holding down the power or options button on the remote and then entering the bespoke code.
  • If your Telus remote is not working, first check the batteries, minimize interference between the remote and the target device, and also check for firmware updates.

How To Program Telus Slimline and Slimline 2 Remotes for Optik TV

Once you have the Telus remote TV code, you can proceed with the steps below to program your remote:

  • Ensure there is a clear line of sight between the digital box and the remote. Now, stand 6 to 8 feet away from the TV.
  • Turn on the digital box and ensure that the device you want to program the remote for is also turned on. This could be an amplifier or your TV.
  • Use the remote volume button to set the digital box’s volume to 25 before programming the amplifier or the TV.
  • Press the Options button and hold it for 3 seconds until the green light next to the Optik power button blinks twice.
  • Now enter the 4-digit code for the model of your specific device (TV or amplifier). When the TV code is entered, the light next to the TV power button will blink red twice and blink yellow twice for an amplifier code.
  • Press the TV power button and hold it until the TV turns off.
  • Release the power button when the TV turns off and press OK to confirm. The TV light will blink red twice.
  • Turn on your TV by pressing the TV power button on the remote again.
  • You can try these codes if the one you have entered is not working: 0029 for TV, 0044 for DVD and Blueray, and 0079 for Amplifiers.

Below are the steps to power sync your TV and digital box:

  • You can set up your TV and digital box to turn on using one button press. Press the Options button and hold it for three seconds until you see the green light on the remote blinking twice.
  • Now enter the code 0007 and the green light will blink twice. The Optik power button can now turn on the TV and digital box as well as the amplifier if it is programmed. Enter the code 006 to turn off the power sync and the green light will blink twice.

How to Program Telus Classic Remote for Optic TV

Use the steps below to program the classic remote:

  • Find the code using the remote code list linked above or the user manual provided.
  • Turn on your TV.
  • Press the TV button and hold it. Now press OK and release both buttons and they will both blink twice.
  • Use the number pad to enter the TV code and the TV button will blink thrice.
  • Press Power and your TV will turn off with your remote.

Below are the steps that you can follow to synchronize your remote to turn on your digital box and TV at the same time:

  • Turn on your Telus Digital box and TV.
  • Press and hold the TELUS/STB and then press OK. Release both buttons and they will blink twice.
  • On the number pad, enter the code 977 and the TELUS/STB button will blink twice.
  • Press Options/Enter.
  • Press Power. Your digital box and TV will be turned off with your new remote and they are now synchronized on the remote.

Troubleshooting Your Telus Remote

Here are some solutions that you can try to fix a non-responsive Telus remote:

#1. Clear The Way

Your Telus remote is not responding because it cannot reach your digital box and TV or it has a weak signal.

Ensure that you are pointing the remote straight at the digital box and TV and that there are no objects in front of the digital box and TV.

#2. Update Firmware

The next solution is to ensure that your remote’s firmware is updated.

You can check the firmware updates on the home screen by going to Settings > Device settings > Remote & Accessories > TELUS Remote > Firmware Update.

If there is a firmware update available, press the OK button on your remote to download and install it.

#3. Change Batteries

If your remote batteries are low, then you should replace them immediately as you will not be able to control your digital box and TV.

First, check the battery life of your remote by going to Settings > Device Settings > Remotes & Accessories > TELUS Remote > Battery.

You will see ‘Poor’, ‘Fair’, ‘Good’, or ‘Full’. If you see ‘Poor’, you should get 2 new AAA batteries and ensure that they are firmly placed in their connectors and the cover is put securely.

#4. Unpair and Re-Pair

Also, you can try un-paring and re-pairing your remote using the steps below:

  • Press the 4 and 6 buttons and hold them until you see a solid green light on your remote.
  • Now press OK and wait for the light to blink green twice meaning the remote has been unpaired from the digital box.
  • Press any button and give the remote a few seconds to connect using the IR mode.
  • If you press any key now, the LED should be blinking white.
  • Point the remote at the digital box and press the OK button. This will trigger the Bluetooth pairing mechanism between your digital box and remote.

#5. Reset Your Remote

Resetting your remote can fix its slowness or unresponsiveness.

Follow these steps for resetting Slimline and Slimline 2 remotes:

  • Press the Options button for about 3 seconds and the mode light which is next to the power button will blink twice.
  • Enter the code 1000 for the Slimline remote and 9999 for the Slimline 2 remote. The mode light will blink twice showing that the remote has been reset to its default settings.

#6. Replace the Remote

If the steps mentioned above do not fix the problem, maybe it is time to get a new remote.

If your remote is not working because of a manufacturing error, you can claim it by calling a TELUS team member. Ensure that you have your account number and remote when you call.

If you cannot claim a replacement, you can buy a new remote either by contacting the TELUS team here or ordering online here.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above guide has given you all the information that you need to know about Telus remote codes as well as how to program your Slimline and Classic remotes on your Optik TV.

Additionally, you can follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned to get your remote working again. If not, you can buy a new remote or get a replacement from Telus.

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