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What is a Router Simulator

Router Simulators are a great way to create and test new network topologies without the expense of lots of hardware. Many people use router simulators to help them practice and study for upcoming certification tests and many people are able to pass these certifications because of the convenience of a router simulator.

GNS3 is one such router simulator. Its is an open source project that is available for download to run on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer. With GNS3 you can simulate Cisco routers, switches, PIX firewalls and ASA firewalls. You can also simulate Juniper devices and connect your virtual network to a real live network. The is great if you want to expand an existing lab and don’t have the equipment to test a particular new network design.

Check out the video below as I go over exactly what GNS3 is. Also coming up in the next video in this series, I will show you how to install GNS3 on your desktop and show you how to get this cool router simulator working so you can create your own virtual network on your desktop or laptop.

What is GNS3?

Coming up Next… Installing GNS3
In our next video, available free in our members area, we will show you how easy it is to install and setup GSN3 and create your very own virtual network.

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