WPS Button On Xfinity Router (Meaning & How To Use It)

WPS Button On Xfinity Router

The WPS button on Xfinity router is an important feature as it makes setting up wireless networks easy and quick.

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, and its function is to make the process of connecting one or more devices to a secured network simple by just pressing the button.

The latest Xfinity routers come with a WPS button, and you need to follow a few steps on your router to set up and get it working. You can also configure the WPS PIN to connect to your Xfinity router.

The ease of connection and use makes the WPS button suitable for home use, where you do not need complicated passwords to access the internet. However, it can lead to security issues if an outsider accesses it.

Continue reading to learn more about how the WPS button works and where it is located on your Xfinity router.

You will also learn the pros and cons of WPS, how you can configure a WPS PIN, and many more!

What Is WPS?

WPS or WiFi Protected Setup is a feature that is found in most routers. The main function of WPS is to easily establish a wireless connection between a device and a router.

This can be achieved by pushing a button or using a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

WPS automatically generates all the settings including communication protocols, encryption, and device configuration so that you can have wireless communication between your router and the scanner, printer, IP camera, and more.

WPS Pros

Below are some of the advantages of WiFi Protected Setup:

  • Easy to use and connect.
  • Automatic configuration of the security key and network name.
  • You do not have to know the network name, Service Set Identifier (SSID), and password to connect.
  • As it is used once and the password is generated randomly for that single use, it is very secure. This is not the PIN mode but the Push-button configuration.
  • Most devices support WPS.

WPS Cons

Below are some of the drawbacks of WiFi Protected Setup:

  • Security problems due to brute-force attacks using PIN mode.
  • To use this feature, all the devices that are connected to the network should be WPS enabled.
  • If your device is not WPS enabled, you need to traditionally connect to the WiFi.
  • Since anyone with a WPS-enabled device can connect to the network using a push of a button, they can easily do serious damage if they have malicious intent.

What are WPA and WPA2?

To fully grasp the concept of WPS, it is important that you understand WPA2 and WPA. WPA2 was launched in 2004 while WPA was launched in 2003.

WPA2 uses the advanced standard encryption method while WPA used a temporal key integrity protocol.

WPA2 provides high-end security compared to WPA which offers basic security for the desired router.

New firmware and software versions are compatible with WPA2 while old devices have compatibility with WPA.

WPA2 needs mixed characters and long passwords while WPA can work well with easy and short passwords.

WPA does not have enterprise solutions for large, medium, and small-scale businesses while WPA2 offers plenty of business enterprise options.

Generally, both WPA2 and WPA are interrelated with the Xfinity router’s WPS button.

Where is WPS Button Located

WPS Button Router Location

Xfinity has three different gateways, and each has a different location for the WPS button. The slick design of these gateways makes it challenging to locate the buttons. This is explained below:

  • Xfinity wireless gateway WPS

The location of the WPS button in the Xfinity wireless gateway is straightforward making PBC easy.

The button is located on top of the gateway and is named WPS, which makes it easy to find and activate.

When the WPS button is pushed, it will show a blinking light which will stop when it is connected to the other device.

  • Xfinity xFi advanced gateway WPS

The WPS button on the Xfinity xFi advanced gateway is found on the left side of the ‘Xfinity’ logo. When the WPS button is pushed, it will show a blinking blue light.

To pair your devices to the gateway through WPS, you need activate the WPS pairing mode on the device. The light will become white when WPS and the device are connected.

  • Xfinity xFi gateway 3rd generation WPS

The WPS button of the Xfinity xFi gateway 3rd generation can be difficult to find but it is located on the router’s back. It has two arrows pointing toward each other.

Similar to the previous gateway, when this WPS button is pushed, it will show a blinking blue light that will become a white light once the WPS-enabled device is successfully connected to and paired with the gateway.

How to Use Your Xfinity Router’s WPS Button

Most users think that they can skip the router configuration procedure using the WPS button, but this is not the case. Therefore, you should first configure your router and set a network password and name for it.

Once finished, connect your device to the router immediately using the WPS button.

To do a WPS setup, you first need to enable WiFi on the device that you want to connect to the internet.

Ensure that the router is also turned on. When the router and the device are ready to connect, press the WPS button for about two minutes and then check the device to ensure that it has connected successfully to the router.  

Additionally, you can connect other devices that have a WPS button to your Xfinity router. When the devices are ready to connect, press the WPS buttons on each one of them and wait for them to pair.

If the button is pressed long enough, the devices should successfully connect, and you can start using them according to your needs. Alternatively, the devices can be connected using a cable if it is possible.

WPS Pin Configuration

You can also use a PIN to set up your WPS using the following steps:

  • First, create a PIN on the device that is WiFi enabled using the WPS utility.
  • You need to turn on the WiFi to set up the WPS.
  • Ensure that you enter the gateways’ web interface before setting it up.
  • Log in and go to ‘Gateway’.
  • Then select ‘Connections’ and tap on ‘WiFi’.
  • On the WiFi page, tap on ‘Add WiFi Protected Setup Client.
  • Enable the WPS and then click on PIN which is under ‘Connection Options’.
  • Enter the created PIN and tap on PAIR. The devices should now be connected.

What If WPS Button Is Not Working

Are you having trouble with your Xfinity router’s WPS button? There are a few things that you can try to get it working again.

First, ensure that the internet connection is stable, and then enable the WPS feature in your router’s settings. If it is enabled, press the button again as sometimes it needs to be pressed twice for it to properly work.

If the WPS button is still not working, you should try to reset your router by simply disconnecting the power cable from the back of the router and leaving it for about 30 seconds before connecting it back.

Press the WPS button again when the router is done resetting. If you are still having trouble with the WPS button, you should contact Xfinity customer support for help. You can do this either online or by giving them a call.

How To Connect Windows 11 PC to Xfinity Router Using WPS 

Connecting a Windows 11 PC to an Xfinity router using WPS is simple when following the steps below.

  • Step One: Identify the network that the Windows 11 PC will connect to via WPS. To do this, select the network icon and confirm that WiFi is enabled. Click the ‘>’ icon which lists all available networks. Once you’ve found the network, click ‘connect’. Now, under the password box, you should see a label stating that you can also connect by ‘pushing the button on the router’.
  • Step Two: Locate the WPS button on the Xfinity router and press it for a few seconds.
  • Step Three: Allow the Windows 11 PC and Xfinity Router to connect through WPS. On the WiFi network panel loaded in Step One, it should now read ‘Getting settings from the router’. Once connected, it should read ‘connected, secured’, and the process is complete.

What About Security?

WPS is convenient for use within a home network and work well for households with WPS-enabled devices.

However, networks that are WPS-enabled are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Unfortunately, attackers can target the WPS function to steal passwords from the network, monitor traffic and mount further attacks.

Therefore, you should be wary of allowing ‘outsiders’ trying to access the internet on your Xfinity router via WPS.


Can I Disable WPS Functionality On My Xfinity Router? 

WPS is typically available through either the WPS button or through the WPS pin.

The WPS button is easy to disable, as it only works when pressed. Once you’ve disconnected from the network, the WPS button will be disabled.

The WPS pin leaves you more at risk of cyber-attacks if it is not actively disabled. For Xfinity, locate the Advanced Settings or ‘WiFi Protected Setup’ settings via the App or portal and switch the WPS pin ‘off’ to disable.

Is WPS Connection Secure? 

Although WPS is designed to enable quick and efficient WiFi connections it is not very secure and leaves users vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

This is especially the case if you connect to WPS using the pin.

The 8-digit WPS pin can be brute-forced, meaning it can be easily acquired by cyber attackers who want to penetrate the network.

Does Mac OS Support WPS Connection? 

WPS connections are supported by MAC OS and can be accessed in a similar way to Windows.

However, WPS provides the lowest level of security in terms of network connectivity and leaves you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is generally not advised as the main approach to acquiring a network connection.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now know the function of the WPS feature on your Xfinity router and how you can use the button or configure the PIN so that you can have a connection.

As there are different models of Xfinity gateway, the WPS button will also have different locations in each gateway, and knowing where they are will enable you to use it successfully.

One main advantage of WPS is that it is easy to connect and use but security is a major concern with WPS. Therefore, you need to be careful about whom you allow to access your router when using the WPS button.

If your WPS button is not working properly, you should reset the router or contact Xfinity customer care for assistance.

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